Importing Repression: Pentagon to recruit undocumented immigrants

It seems the fascist aristocrats in control of the “government” are having problems gaining the loyalty of american soldiers in their ongoing takeover of the country.  What better source of the mercenary power they need than foreign refugees, unfettered with pre-existing (community inculcated) notions of patriotism and historical perspective.  Eventually when the breakdown of the family is complete and parents no longer pass knowledge and love to their offspring, such projects will be unnecessary.    (see  It’s frustrating to see that netizens are still largely clueless about the medicalization of mind control via obstetrical abuse in this country).

The Pentagon is to start recruiting undocumented immigrants who came into the US as minors and possess valuable skills like speaking Persian and Chinese. The program offering the opportunity is capped at 1,500 recruits per year.

The new policy revealed by the DoD on Thursday expands the existing pilot program called Military Accessions Vital to National Interest, or MAVNI. It has been tried since 2008, offering positions in the US armed forces to foreigners living in America legally as refugees or under a temporary visa.

Starting next fiscal year, MAVNI will also apply to illegal residents who came to US with their parents before age 16, reports the Military Times. The potential recruits would be selected from those eligible for the 2012 Obama administration policy known as Deferred Action for Child Arrivals, or DACA. Getting a DACA illegal immigrant status involves a background check by the Homeland Security Department.

The Pentagon recruits some 5,000 foreigners each year, most of them ‘green card’ holders. The MAVNI program may account for up to 1,500 recruits annually, although the military services are not required to accept them. In practice the Army has been the only service to accept a significant number, while the Navy and Marine Corps are not seeking applicants under it.

A recruit must meet higher-than-usual standards and have certain skills valued by the US military to get a position. Those include medical training and language expertise. Speakers of Arabic, Chinese, Pushtu, Korean, Russian, Urdu, Hindi and Hungarian are among those in demand.

The expansion of the program to illegal residents adds between 1.2 million and 2.1 million children, teenagers and young adults to the potential talent pool. The recruits would be offered an expedited path to US citizenship as an extra incentive to serve. …

Clearly latin american collaborators from US-sponsored death squad regimes will be a large fraction of the pool of new recruits.  One can imagine the kinds of specialized skills such people would have.    I can’t stress this enough: IT ALL COMES DOWN TO STATE-SPONSORED CHILD ABUSE.  This is how societies can be molded into self-perpetuating nightmares and tools of the elite.  See We absolutely need to get the state (medicine) out of the lives of babies and children.  NOW.

It’s about social control by imposing poverty, dissolution of families, child abuse and drugs to undermine stable communities and force mass migrations and social balkanization along racial, ethnic and language fault lines.  Anything that impairs human bonding and grassroots solidarity and organizing fosters mass alienation and dependency and facilitates mass centralized management by immortal entities called  governments and corporations, which have long been sucking up all available resources for their own use.   A social phase transition from lumpy semi-crystalline goo to easily manipulable fluid flowing around mountains of permanent hierarchies.  It’s modern fascism, with democide of the economically “unfit” being the logical conclusion, since meaningful human empowerment is becoming nearly impossible.   Continuous war will be essential to maintaining domestic order.

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  1. Americans complains about their “tax money” being diverted to house these Hondurian kids that “suddenly showed up on our doorstep in the USA” [enticed by the CIA to come] yet they were brought for a reason. Other than having their organs harvested, or put into slave labor camps or used in sex trafficking — now it is clear what some of us knew would be at least one reason why they were enticed by American Black Ops to come in droves to the USA –: to be trained as mind-controlled mercenaries in our military. These same mercenaries will be used in Mexico and Canada.
    Hondurian kids are not ‘less valuable’ than American kids. And as Americans we need to feel more responsible for allowing these psychopaths to sow misery around the world.

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