Farcebook Supports Sadism, Hates Self Defense

Recently a video was posted on Facebook showing two men lighting a helpless kitten in a bucket on fire, but after multiple users flagged the video, Facebook told them it “doesn’t violate our Community Standards.”

“I was going through Facebook and I saw this video,” user Kieran Dunwel told the Daily Mail. “I clicked on it, watched it and I was disgusted.”

“I reported it to Facebook, it took five or six hours for them to get back to me, and they said it was perfectly fine to have it on there.”

However, when users attempt to talk about guns or post pictures of firearms, Facebook hits them with “Community Standards” violations.

A few days ago, gun rights activist Gerry Emery was banned from Facebook after sharing an article explaining the ways in which Connecticut’s gun ban is worse than Hitler’s gun ban.

Facebook said Emery’s post, which also included an image stating that gun control helped make the Holocaust possible, “doesn’t follow Facebook Community Standards.” …


Because farcebook articulates the same social and economic forces that gave rise to hitler.   In essence, statism.  The state is god.  Not just in terms of individual behavior, but in terms of being granted the privilege of existing.  Your right to exist is constrained by your utility to the state.  You have no right to defend yourself from higher “authority”.  History (almost) repeats itself.  Again.

One of the many acts of genius of the founders was to invoke a transcendent authority (god), the ultimate sovereign beyond any collectively “self”-appointed authority on this planet.  Whether or not you believe in such a deity, doing so provided the philosophical and legal justification for claiming individual freedom from the state and its corruption, and the declaration of independence is after all a legal document.  Atheists can invoke no similar “higher authority” to justify pursuing human potential.  A technicality perhaps, but one that even inbred despots can understand.   Life is its own justification.

Of course farcebook is an intelligence dragnet and one would be foolish to use it.

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