Autistic Opinionator Wants Draft to Fight AQ/ISIS/IS

Since President Obama recently stated ISIS is a direct threat to national and global security, and since we have a military that is overburdened from two wars in the Middle East, one still ongoing in Afghanistan, the American people should make some sacrifices for the next war. Thus far, the 2.5 million veterans of both wars (less than 1 percent of the population), and their families, have done all the heavy lifting for our great nation. As a result, we recently had a VA crisis that is still ongoing, a debt crisis that our grandchildren will be faced with well into their own retirement, and the threat of future budget sequestration and even shutdowns. We have a population of over 313 million people and it isn’t fair for the 2.5 million veterans, or the over 500,000 active duty soldiers to defend such a large nation on their own-especially against an existential threat in ISIS.

It’s time to get off the couch, America, and collectively sacrifice for national security, both through taxes to fund the next conflict and a draft, like previous generations in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. ISIS wants to bankrupt this country and drag us into another quagmire, so if you believe these maniacs need to be destroyed by bullets fired from American guns, it’s time for you too to start firing these bullets and paying for the next war. Once we defeat ISIS, we can then begin to destroy the next terrorist group that pops up (like Al-Qaeda Iraq morphed into ISIS) with money from higher taxes and from the additional troop levels from a national draft.

No, this isn’t a joke….

Yes it IS a joke, and a bad one at that.  But this is what passes for political commentary in this dumbed-down country.  The author gets an F for historical knowledge about the vietnam fiasco which served no purpose aside from profiting the usual crooks, an F for ignoring the fact that it was justified by a false flag (the fictitious gulf of tonkin  attack), two F’s for both laziness and ignorance about 9/11, the most exhaustively debunked false flag in history, another F for the fallacious claim that bombing poor people half way around the world already laboring under the western petrodollar mafia will do anything to increase safety at home.   Another F for accepting the laughable official story of the “rise of ISIS” from the ashes of AQ.  And let’s give him a 7th F for ignoring the mass theft of constitutional rights under the entirely fraudulent “war on terror”.   This guy used to work at the US state department.   Not a good sign.

This is why I don’t read HP or listen to Democracy Now.   There’s no way to reconcile this level of militant ignorance with human decency.   You can spout platitudes about peace and human rights all day long, but if you refuse to question proven lies and liars you are an accomplice to mass murder,  the equivalent of the “good germans” that went along with hitler’s agenda.  Except the germans had no way of knowing that the reichstag fire was a false flag set by the nazis.  We, on the other hand, cannot plausibly claim that we didn’t know about 9/11.  It’s simply a matter of opening your  eyes and asking the question.

Do american kids deserve the kind of state-sponsored child abuse this guy is proposing?

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