Research Reveals How Sugar CAUSES Cancer

What’s the scariest boogieman out there? CANCER! Billions, perhaps trillions have been collected from the faithful to be ostensibly spent to find a “cure” yet there still is none in sight. It seems to be an inevitable death sentence that we all  shudder to think of. Yet – is it really? Did any of the big cancer foundations ever think to study the effects of sugar on the body? Well, the research has been done and the results are now in: sugar causes cancer.

Make no mistake, friends, the medical industry is a business and cancer is big business. There are beaucoup bucks in cancer. Every cancer treatment yields huge dividends. If researchers had wanted a cure, they would have simply read the books I did when I was twenty years old – 45 years ago. And the story I will tell you now, seals the deal – that the cancer industry does not want to find a cure, This incident is from my personal experience…

I once worked with an oncologist, professor at a state university medical school. He wrote articles about his research and it was my job to make the articles letter perfect for submission to medical journals. When I asked him to tell me in layperson’s terms about his research, he described what I had read in a book several years before: Laetrile, Nature’s Answer to Cancer. I told him what he was doing was going to work and he asked me how I knew.

I said, “Because what you are describing is Laetrile.”

We had been walking on a busy beach – it was the first warm day in spring – and when I said the word Laetrile, he stopped and stood like a statue in the sand, eyes wide open and raised to the sky, unfocused. His mouth was open, but not a sound came from him. I just watched. Finally he spoke.

“They’ll destroy me,” he said. “They’ll destroy me.”

“Who?” I asked.

It took him a long while to finally respond and when he did, he turned his face to the ground and said, “The AMA.  The AMA will destroy me.”

That sounded pretty serious, so I just kept quiet and we began walking again. Then he told me the story about his early career as a medical doctor and researcher. He was working at the National Institutes of Health, the NIH, in the Washington, DC area and was assigned to a committee that was to evaluate a new cure for cancer – Laetrile, discovered by two German doctors, a father-son team, the Drs. Krebs.

The entire NIH study consisted of this:

All the researchers were gathered around a table and the chairman of the committee entered the room. In the center of the table was a small bowl of powder, Laetrile. The chairman licked his finger and put it in the powder, then tasted it. He immediately spat it out. “That’s cyanide!” he exclaimed. And that was the extent of the study. Laetrile was immediately outlawed in our fair country.

Millions upon millions of Americans have died since, of cancer and our rank in health in the world is 37th due to it. Other countries that have a “handle” on cancer, are not too proud or stubborn to use Laetrile as one of their primary tools to prevent and treat tumors and cancers – and they rank among the top five countries in health.

My own mother had cancer. She went along with the modern American approach of slash, poison and burn. It “killed” her cancer but it also killed her.  She died in her husband’s arms.

The article linked below tells you how to prevent cancer. Why flirt with pain and suffering and a medical industry that is not really dedicated to optimal health? Read this article, “Research Reveals How Sugar Causes Cancer.”

Then ask yourself, “Can I let go of sugar for the sake of my health?” I hope you will vote for yourself. There are many other ways to get a sweet hit without sugar. Go buy a big bag of your favorite fruits (organic is not only healthier; it also tastes better) and take a walk through the honey and date section of your local health food store. You don’t have to give up goodness, just leave processed sugar behind. Read labels – these words indicate sugar:  “Sugar, sucrose, beet sugar, sugar, fructose, corn syrup…”

If you suck on some fresh, raw sugar can stalk or eat a fresh, raw, delicious grated beet, or fresh, juicy peaches, you will be ok… but processed sugars should certainly never show up on your grocery list – or mine.  Do your own research on the Internet – find alternatives to a major cause of cancer.

Good book:  Sugar Blues by William Dufty.

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