Massive Outflow of Refugees from East Ukraine War Zone, Resettled in Russia

Just over the past five days, 22,000 have left Donetsk and Slavyansk.  These numbers have been quoted by the UN. The number of people that leave their homeland due to non-stop shelling by Ukraine forces is on the rise.

Those who for some reasons were unable to leave (in Lugansk there still are 200,000 residents) ended up in catastrophic conditions – no electricity, no drinking water.  According to the UN, the number of Ukrainians who cross the Russian-Ukrainian border is mounting. In our country [Russia], there are about 730,000 displaced people from south-eastern Ukraine.

Refugees get to the border on their own, everyone using their own means.  From the border, the get help and move further inland.

In Russian regions, conditions are being prepared for the refugees so that they could live in peace, bring up their children, work, and, most importantly, forget the nightmare they had to go through.

They feel lucky to be able to have left the war zone and stay alive.  Their journey was long, and horror is still lingering in their eyes.

Temporary dorms are already waiting for them – enough for about 700 people.  Elena has recently arrived with her children.  She is trying to adjust to the new place.  She says that she fears the most for her parents, who were left behind in Donetsk.

The canteen staff are trying to prepare a 3-course meal.  Dinner is followed by a visit to a psychologist, who is helping them to relieve their pain through speaking.  Some people come smiling, but during the conversation they suddenly break down.

“This is psychological protection.  It’s normal because emotions have to come out,” says psychologist Yana Demyanova. …

Collateral damage on the road to our great leaders’ utopian dreams.   On your knees before the great Satan!

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