Empire – The New Scramble for Africa

A little reflection shows the corporate virus is an emergent phenomenon. All the colonizing countries are themselves colonized. The corporate clones’ minds are colonized. Transmission occurs during the attempt to escape the infection at home (i.e. urban devastation) while being lured to riches elsewhere. It’s sort of like circumcision or intergenerational satanic abuse: transmission occurs as a consequence of the attempt to cope with its devastating impact (sometimes on a subconscious level) and the lure of wanting one’s children to be accepted by a group or reap “benefits” promulgated or offered by other victims. All participants lose in the end, yet the process continues. The process itself is its own emergent objective. The carrot and the stick are both appendages of the same entity.

By using money to maintain your life, you embed yourself in a medium from which emergent processes (like corporations) can arise. International commerce is orthogonal to human intent, a dimensional medium which is already full of weeds.

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