Counter-Surveillance Strategies for Dealing with the Police State

This has been sitting innocuously in the reference section for ages and I doubt many have taken notice of it.   The whistleblowing author and his company disappeared without a trace shortly after it came online in the late 90’s.     Browsing through it I’m reminded of why I rescued it from oblivion.  Hopefully you won’t find yourself in a situation where it could be useful to you, but you never know.  Note the last link on the left side, where you can download the entire site as a zip file.

Spy and Counterspy: Spy school for the rest of us

Note to the FBI: are you citizens and patriots or are you mercenaries?  The time is coming when you’ll reach a fork in the road.   One direction leads to a restoration of what was decent about this country.  The other leads to more  state-sponsored child abuse, deindustrialization, the shock doctrine, WW3 and the confirmation of “conspiracy theories” about elite nazis bankrolled by satanic robber barons bent on world government and malthusian eugenics.

See “OKC Bombing: What you’re not supposed to know” in the reference section for an idea of what your “superiors” have been up to.   See “Ted Gunderson’s Investigative Collection” for an idea of what a real FBI guy can do for his country and his planet.

Which side do you choose?

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