CDC Vaccine Researcher Goes Crazy, Starts “Listening to Conscience”

DDEES vaccine

The CDC has called on the Department of Health & Human Services Armed Militia to help locate a CDC researcher who went off his rocker this week, claiming that a voice identifying itself as his “conscience” compelled him to spill sacred vaccine secrets of the Government-Pharmaceutical Alliance.

Shortly before absconding from the CDC compound, the troubled researcher, identified as Dr. William W. Thompson, recorded a rambling “confession” in which he expressed “shame” for suppressing research findings showing that the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (the “MMR”) dramatically increased the risk of autism when given to young black boys.

“A number of well-respected researchers were involved in the MMR autism study, none of whom have claimed to have been involved in a fraudulent coverup, so clearly Dr. Thompson’s claims are delusional,” said CDC spokesperson Ima Mengele…

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