Military Helicopters descend on Twin Cities

On the evening of Monday, August 18, the US Army commenced unannounced military exercises in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. MH-60 variant Black Hawk helicopters buzzed through the downtown and residential areas of the two Midwestern cities.

The ominous exercises, which took place over three days, were led by the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security in close collaboration with the local police. They were carried out without public warning, despite the fact that they included late-night low flyovers of residential districts by thunderous war equipment.

Hundreds of stunned residents placed emergency phone calls in the hours after exercises began as several black helicopters weaved in between skyscrapers of both cities and swept through areas at low altitudes and high speeds. It was only after the widespread response that the police and military acknowledged what was taking place. (Video of part of the exercises can be found here.) …

They just want to PROTECT us from the big bad terrorists that they fund with our tax dollars.  And maybe suppress a rebellion against the predatory white collar criminals that are busy stealing everything in sight.  FDR called them “banksters”.  As in banker gangsters, as in organized crime.   I think he had it right.

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