Ukraine: RAND recommends Mass Murder, Impoverishment, Decimation of Infrastructure

The following are described as likely “gains” resulting from an all-out assault: shutting down the coal industry will relieve the IMF “debt” burdened government of subsidy costs (where  will the coal come from?),  shutdown of other industries will reduce russian gas consumption and dependency (where  will the jobs and industrial output come from?)  The fate of the people who live there is of no concern to RAND’s autistic cyborgs, except as a PR issue to be explained away to the ever-gullible public.

Clearly the mass production of psychopathy in the USA is an issue of critical importance, which is why this site places such an emphasis on obstetrical medicine’s contribution to the problem.  Its role is pivotal in obstructing or disrupting mother-child bonding, and its top-down management means paradigm shifts at the top might percolate through the hierarchy relatively quickly.

BTW: you can forget about such technocrats making any distinction between foreign and domestic military operations.