UK 7/7 Attacks: Skeptics Intrude on State Celebration of Satanic Ritual Sacrifice

Boris Johnson today vowed that London will “never give in” to terrorists who seek to divide its people — hours after vandals carried out a graffiti attack on the 7/7 memorial in Hyde Park.

It was defaced with red and black slogans before survivors and families of victims gathered to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the attacks.

The stainless steel columns — one for each of the 52 people killed — were daubed with stencilled messages saying “4 Innocent Muslims”, “Blair Lied  Thousands Died” and “J7 Truth”.

An 18ft bronze statue of Achilles, another memorial in the park, was also defaced with “MI5 did 7/7”. …

If my title for this article sounds crazy that’s because the world is crazy.   See the links on 7/7 in the reference section.  Satanic?   What else could you call it?  The state is celebrating its sacrificial murder of its own citizens for the “greater good”.  That’s what false flags are all about.   I guess you could call it “Statanism,” the state as god.

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