The US Government is Hastening the Crash of the Dollar

One could argue about whether the dollar is collateral damage or one of the targets.    But either way, it appears to be expendable to TPTB.

  1. Ukraine operation pushes russia into china’s arms.
  2. “Pivot to asia” pushes china into russia’s arms.
  3. “FATCA” IRS reporting requirement will add budensome paperwork for foreign banks that deal in dollars.
  4. US “punishment” of french bank for doing business with russia backfires.

I don’t subscribe to the incompetence theory.   All but possibly #4 were utterly predictable, and given that france is in the pocket of the same central banking cartel it may just be acting out a role in the same project. Recall this is the government that exported its own industrial infrastructure abroad and bailed out the TBTF banks instead of the homeowners they defrauded.   And that’s just for starters.  It’s obvious washington is acting on behalf of the interests that have been in a position to buy it, the same interests that moved their investments offshore years ago.  It appears they intend to destroy the economy and the faster they can do it the more unprepared and desperate people will be, so the cheaper the firesale will be and the easier the political takeover will be.

Anyway, just a thought.

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