The stinkier the better for bonding

Bonding with your baby is enhanced by the wonderful odor of the newborn. This bonding can be interrupted when the baby is whisked away by dutiful hospital staff as soon as s/he is born and bathed. Oh, dear friends, hospitals can be so interfering. They’re good for patching up people after auto accidents, but birth is not a disease. Birth is a beautiful, natural, divinely human process that deserves to be private and protected and kept sacred. It is not meant to be a public spectacle amid crowds of people chattering, bright lights and machines whirring. Animals seem to “do birth” just fine… why do so many people lose touch with the natural, healthy part of themselves that knows how to birth a baby?

This lovely lady is celebrating her baby’s hair…

The stinkier the better. | Salty Spicy Bitter and Sweet.

baby odor

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