Medicine in the Service of Social Control

Psychiatry and male infant circumcision are concerned with the manipulation of the two extremes of human emotion, misery and ecstacy, the control of which are essential to maintaining a docile population.

Constructive (i.e. individually liberating) social evolution is fueled by two essential ingredients: human pain and misery, and human joy and creativity. The former drives the desire, the latter provides the means. Without the latter, misery only leads to more misery.

Psychiatry addresses the former by pathologizing and suppressing people’s emotional responses to dysfunctional social environments such as domestic abuse, poverty etc. Anti-depressants and shock treatment are different ways of blocking the self-perception of suffering, and thus defusing the drive to social change and allowing for a much greater degree of social dysfunction than would otherwise be possible in a stable society. A form of brainwashing, pure and simple.

MGM deals with the opposite end of human emotional experience, ecstatic emotional connectedness, by amputating the neurological conduit by which sex is projected onto the emotional maps of the brain. The primary obstacle to efficient mass social organization is local social organization, which diverts resources and individual self-identification into personal and community relationships instead of state institutions. The extent to which a person has attained a degree of self-fulfillment and satisfaction in his/her personal life is the extent to which s/he is resistant to the inducements and conditioning of large-scale social structures. By literally cutting off much of a person’s capacity for shared ecstatic emotional experience and identification with the opposite sex, MGM frees up and allows for the redirection of self identification from interpersonal family and community-oriented attachments into identification with the state. Thus psychiatry and MGM both increase the “fitness” (in a darwinian sense) of the dominator social order relative to more “primitive” groups.

What really fascinates me is how the so-called controllers are themselves products of these self-replicating intergenerational processes of social control. If they had a little insight maybe this world would be a better place.

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