American Obstetrics in Two Photos

Anyone that can look at this picture without feeling discomfort is not fully human. It is plain to see that this incredibly vulnerable infant is being TORTURED. Notice the tubes down this baby’s throat and that they have cut a whole in his/her abdomen (likely done without anesthesia since doctors are taught that babies cannot feel pain) in order to insert yet another tube. Notice that the child has been placed in the position of a crucifixion and note that this poor baby has probably been PARALYZED so that he/she cannot move — but can feel everything that the medical sadists are doing to her/him. Notice that this article describes a very sadistic form of “research” during which this helpless infant (and 1,315 other infants) was deliberately, methodically, and purposefully denied oxygen so that these psychopaths could study the effects — and that this was a government-funded study that took place at 23 DIFFERENT ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS, INCLUDING WAKE FOREST AND YALE UNIVERSITY — HOME TO THE SATANIC ORDER OF SKULL & BONES. Notice the slimy and disgusting faces of the doctors who carried out and defend this sadistic, satanic-based, scientific activity.

The article makes it sound like the issue concerns whether the parents were properly informed. But the real issue concerns the fact that evil people, under the guise of scientific and medical research, are deliberately torturing and murdering infants. When do we say enough?

Are you my mommy?

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