World War BZ

Tynarious is a GBZ experimental agent that is a new and unknown compound never before seen until now, circa 2012. This agent combines incapacitating and hallucinogenic symptoms along with cholinesterase inhibiting activity. This agent by far may be the most feared of all experimental agents as it contains a BZ molecule and G-agent molecule. …

Tynarious is a rapid fast acting nerve, hallucinogenic and incapacitationg agent that can produce effects within minutes of dissemination and exposure.  The most desired delivery system for this compound is through aerosol munitions, so the agent can be inhaled whereby its effects are more rapid and severe.  Ingestion of the compound it is rapidly absorbed producing PCP like sensations and feelings, including feelings invincibility and complete control, and exposed personanel are likely to run into traffic, jump off a building or shoot themselves.  BZ agents were whidely experimented with during the vietnam war, leading to many acccidental deaths caused by symptoms of euphoria, anger, hatred and feelings of betrayal and confusion — exposed soldiers often turned on each other in barbaric and gruesome manners.

The Preparatory Manual of Chemical Warfare Agents Third Edition By Jared Ledgard
Page 521

I’ve been trying to figure out the real reason for all the zombie drills (and zombie movies) lately and I’ve come up with this paranoid scenario: the robber baron’s agents claim to have discovered a new virus, extremely contagious, incurable and producing zombie-like symptoms (BZ symptoms) additionally with bleeding before death.   (airborne ebola?)  After the MSM conditions the population for this new threat, they spray some neighborhood with tynarious and after the resulting chaos, they send in the troops and quarantine the entire city. Essentially everyone in the quarantine zone will be written off as an imminent casualty and, if attempting to escape, a national security threat.  Then comes the new vaccine.

On the other hand, bleeding on the brain may induce some kind of delirium, no chemical agent needed.