Where it all starts: False Flag Obstetrics and Disaster Capitalism

Why was this research initially funded and then censored by the NIH:

The Origins of Love and Violence: http://violence.de/

What kind of foreign policy would we have if we didn’t have armies of traumatized sociopaths ready to commit atrocities on command because they have been empathically blinded?  Adults forget what it’s like to be a child.  There is no larger perspective, no abstract discourse about economic priorities or national interest.  There is only the now, the I and the not I.  And how the “I” perceives and adapts to the “not I” becomes the “now” for a very long time.

The Vagus Nerve and American Obstetrics’ Precision Lobotomization of Empathy and Altruism

I always thought there was no other way for me to give birth- that I was a birthing failure; incapable of birthing without an induction jumpstart or a surgical incision. For five childbirths I always “needed” my doctors to create my birth experiences for me, and to save me from my own birthing inefficiency and hopelessness. (I was actually addicted to their “helping” me, and was always effusive in my gratitude for their efforts.) But then with my sixth, I just couldn’t do it again- I couldn’t go back to another hospital to give birth… I was just too hurt and broken inside.

“I found a lay midwife, and had the beautiful, easy birth that I am intended to have. I finally gave birth as a full, luscious woman-all my own hormones, in my own safe place- with no fingers in me, or straps on my belly. (Or knives in my belly.) I simply pushed my baby out and went to bed.” …

A letter from Leilah McCracken

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