The Lobotomization of the Internet Continues

I was researching “the octopus” (Danny Casolaro’s term) and ran across a reference to Michael Riconosciuto’s certified letter warning of the 9/11 attacks in feb 2001.  The link went nowhere and I turned to for a historical snapshot of the page.   But despite numerous snapshots being indexed there, the actual content was empty.  Methinks has been infiltrated.

This raises the overall issue of the ethereal nature of the vast treasure trove of knowledge on the net and how some of the best material has already been lost to the termites that labor tirelessly in the bowels of the beast.   It’s as if the era of the printing press which led directly to the enlightenment and the constitution had only lasted a few years before the vatican found and destroyed them all.    We stand at the brink of either a new dark age or a mass human awakening that will take us to the stars.   In view of our precarious position it would be a good idea to make your own backup copies of the stuff you find especially important on the net.

I finally found the document I was looking for right under my nose, buried in the reference section of this very site: “Ted Gunderson’s Investigative Collection”, an archive of scanned PDF’s put out by the former director of the LA branch of the FBI.   He was murdered for what he put together here.   If you backup nothing else from the network, make it a point to back up this collection, which is nowhere else on the web as far as I know.  You probably won’t initially believe some of what you find there, but in time you will.  So just stash it somewhere and come back to it when you find yourself disoriented and looking for answers.  You won’t like what you find, but you WILL be enlightened.

I’ve come to believe what my co-host and survivor of satanic abuse Kerth has said: the world is controlled by a luciferian theocracy.   Why?  Because it’s a logical religion for wealthy, emotionally impoverished sociopaths who have given up on their own lives and seek empowerment through the control of others.   This is an ancient cancer with tendrils through nearly every religious, political, medical and economic institution of the western world from the vatican to the NYT to the AMA to the “federal” reserve.  And it works very well because it’s well financed, multi-generational and not encumbered by human decency.

BTW: the document I was looking for is “Terrorists’ Activities Prior Knowledge Furnished to the FBI Six Months in Advance of 9-11”

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and the entries in the reference section from “conspiracy of silence” to “franklin case collection”.    The global network of elite pedophilia and child torture is only a means to an end.  The children are just collateral damage on the road to global domination.   They do it because it works.

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