Pentagon to send military advisers to Ukraine Amid Growing Resistance

American military advisers will soon arrive in politically fractured Ukraine in a move the Pentagon says is designed to build “defense institutions” in the country, where nationalist forces continue saber-rattling against Russia.

In preparation for the consultations, US defense officials met with Kiev authorities earlier this week to discuss ways how the two countries “could strengthen our long-term defense cooperation to help Ukraine build highly effective armed forces and defense institutions,” Pentagon spokesperson Eileen Lainez said, as quoted by Military Times.

The Pentagon considers sending its military advisers “a first step” toward helping to “shape and establish an enduring program for future US efforts to support the Ukrainian military through training, education, and assistance.”

“We are committed fully to getting the assistance to Ukraine as quickly as possible,” Lainez said.

Lainez’s statement follows President Barack Obama’s promise earlier this week that the US would provide Kiev additional military help which may include training of its law enforcement and army personnel.

This is what US military assistance meant to the tiny country of el salvador in the 1980’s:

… Cesar Vielman Joya Martinez, 28, says he was a member of the First Infantry Brigade’s intelligence unit. He was initially in charge of capturing suspected leftist subversives and gathering information from informants. Later he was promoted to a special hit squad within the intelligence unit that executed prisoners after they had been interrogated. He says his job was to kill prisoners, mask the army’s involvement in the murders and then dispose of the bodies.

“My job was only to kill,” he says, claiming that the murders were conducted on the written order of the First Infantry Brigade commander, Col. Francisco Elena Fuentes.

Joya Martinez says he participated in eight of the more than 70 death-squad executions that the First Brigade conducted during the first seven months in 1989. He usually strangled his victims, slit their throats, or injected them with poison. The hit squad was under strict orders not to kill with fire-arms, because the bullets might be traced back to the military.

`Have you rever seen the look on the face of someone as you cut their throat?’ he asks. `I know I cannot bring back the dead, but I can stop [the death squads] from continuing to operate the same way.’

Joya Martinez claims he was forced to flee El Salvador after a failed operation publicly linked the First Brigade to the death squads. His superiors were, he says, setting him up to be the fall guy so they could murder him and provide deniability for the bungled operation.

He also says the hit squad operated with the tacit support of two U.S. military officers who helped finance the group’s activities, and worked in the intelligence unit’s headquarters. He says the U.S. officers helped finance the group’s activities by writing checks for its operating expenses.

Although the U.S. officers were briefed on the unit’s activities, they were not given reports on the executions, Joya Martinez says, adding that the Americans appeared unwilling to know about the operations they were funding.

`We provided them with copies of all the reports from our agents on clandestine captures, interrogations, the results of interrogations, other operations, but we did not provide them with reports on the executions. They did not want to hear of the actual killings.’

The above is a tiny sample of what is meant by “the salvador option” that the US brought to bear in its assault on iraq.  Most of the “war” wasn’t spent attacking military units because most of the iraqi military brass had already been bribed to stand down with the empire’s funny money.  As in el salvador, nicaragua, chile and countless other countries, they were assaulting civilian resistance to imperial looting and subjugation.  And now ukraine is in the crosshairs.

When the empire decides to take over a foreign country, it is essential that it impose a government which is NOT popular with the people, so that it requires continual military support to stay in power.  Dependency ensures control.

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