Iraq: Maliki Starting to Figure out the US Game, Buying Jets from Russia

Will the american people ever figure it out?

“I’ll be frank and say that we were deluded when we signed the contract [with the US],” Maliki said. “We should have sought to buy other jet fighters like British, French and Russian to secure the air cover for our forces; if we had air cover we would have averted what had happened,” he went on.

Maliki said Iraq bought second-hand jet fighters from Russia and Belarus “that should arrive in Iraq in two or three days.”

The radical Sunni Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS or ISIL) has taken large parts of the country’s north from the Shia government.

During the interview, the prime minister also confirmed that Syria was behind Tuesday’s air strikes that targeted Iraqi rebels, adding that he welcomed the move.

“They carry out their strikes and we carry out ours and the final winners are our two countries,” he said. …

The neocons are forging new alliances against them all over the world as the cruelty and betrayal implicit in their strategy of empire is only eclipsed by their incompetence.   They are truely the scum of the earth, even from the perspective of their own social darwinian ideology.     Maliki had better hire some russian bodyguards.

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