How to Lie to a Generation of Families – Malfeasance in the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Program

How to Lie to a Generation of Families – Malfeasance in the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Program.

The days of blindly accepting what is mandated by law or policy and initiated by doctors and public health officials are over.

The conversation regarding vaccines and autism is grounded in scientific journals and in the government’s internal documents. If you’re a parent, you have the right to decide what is best for your child. According to Dr. Hooker parents need to rephrase the question over vaccine safety when confronted with the issue by healthcare providers. CDC studies refute Thimerosal causes autism, but their data does not refute the fact that Thimerosal is not safe to inject into your body or your infant’s body.

When a government official states he would like to ‘kill’ NVICP petitioners and their children because Thimerosal litigation isthreatening the viability of the vaccine injury compensation process, then something is wrong. Very wrong.

Arm yourself with the studies. Parents must lead the charge to protect children’s health and the future of this country.

One parent who is courageously leading the charge is Brian Hooker, PhD, PE, biochemist, researcher, investigator, vaccine industry watchdog, and father of an autistic child. He has taken center stage in the fight to expose CDC malfeasance and fraud. Among other revelations, he has uncovered CDC internal documents from 14 years ago revealing that top officials in the CDC were aware there was and is a definitive link between Thimerosal containing vaccines and the ensuing autism epidemic.

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