How Mercury Destroys the Brain – University of Calgary

“Silver” tooth fillings contain mercury. Vaccines contain mercury. New lightbulbs contain mercury. Some fish and other foods contain mercury. Be very careful, dear friends, what you put in, on and around your body.

This video makes it dramatically clear how mercury damages and destroys the neurological integrity of the brain and body.

Human hubris is the nemesis of all civilizations.  Rome had lead cooking pots. We have our own sources of toxic heavy metals… mercury is just one. But mercury, as used in modern “medicine” is especially dangerous because it is been used in proximity to our brains – our mouths and bloodstreams.

What to do? There are books about rebuilding your teeth using dietary tactics such as fish liver oil and raw butter. Find the books and read them. They’re on to something. “Paleo” is the general term for this approach to health. Also, raw foodists find their teeth repair themselves. In general, many people are finding that a return to simple, whole, organic, raw foods – fruits, vegetables, greens, seeds, nuts, a few eggs from chickens that are allowed to roam in fields and orchards, and a bit of raw dairy – works wonders! Healthy people do not get the flu or other “inevitable” diseases. Again, please take very good care of yourself and your loved ones!

How Mercury Destroys the Brain – University of Calgary – YouTube.

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