Herding Sheep From Slaughter to Slaughter


Online Action – The “Humanitarian Crisis” at the Border is Actually a U.S. Foreign Policy Crisis

Since 2008, the U.S. has intensified the “drug war”, spending over $800 million in security aid to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador through the “Central American Regional Security Initiative” (CARSI) as well as millions more in bilateral military and police aid to each individual country. Yet Central America has faced increasing and extreme levels of violence during this time. Extrajudicial executions, torture, violence against women, the targeting of grassroots and indigenous leaders, and other human rights violations have risen since the U.S. dramatically increased funding and training of Central American security forces, many of which are infiltrated by the drug cartels, especially in post-coup Honduras. It should be no surprise that approximately 28% of the children detained near the border this year are from Honduras, while 24% are from Guatemala, and 21% from El Salvador.

The current “humanitarian crisis” on the border, is a direct result of past and present U.S. economic and security policies in Central America. The patterns of violence and forced migration established during the dirty wars of the 20th century have continued unabated. Since then, the governments of Central America have overwhelmingly implemented exclusionary, neoliberal economic policies at the behest of the “Washington Consensus”, while their U.S. funded and trained (many at the School of the Americas) security forces have continued to brutally protect little except the interests of local oligarchies and multinational corporations. Past and current support for the post-coup Honduras is but the most egregious example of the harm caused by these policies. It is time for the U.S. to radically reevaluate its foreign policy towards the region, and take responsibility for its past and present role in exacerbating the root causes of migration. A good start would be ending the counterproductive funding of the drug war and the corrupt post-coup Honduran regime.


Clearly the administration is facilitating this mass migration, the question is: for what purpose? Humanitarianism doesn’t pass the laugh test. Could it be part of the domestic destabilization campaign (war on drugs, war on families, war on education, war on jobs, war on the federal treasury) that has been waged for decades? What better way to create social division and obliterate even the expectation of democracy than to import large numbers of people who don’t speak english and are accustomed to living under a US-sponsored military dictatorship?

And when the economy goes to hell and state treasuries are depleted, what will become of the vast numbers of prisoners stewing away in american prisons? It would be in keeping with the shock doctrine to just dump them on the streets. The idea is to sow chaos and clean up after the collapse. This is what happened during the Great Ripoff of the ’30s that the “fed” also caused. http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2014/03/reprise-bernanke-admits-fed-caused-great-depression/ But that will pale in comparison to what’s coming now.

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