Controlled Demolition of Official Story at Grand Opening of the 9/11 Memorial Museum

There was an awakening in New York last week as 9/11 Truth activists converged at the World Trade Centers for the Grand Opening of the September 11 Memorial Museum.

Handing out thousands of alternative museum brochures that bore a striking resemblance to the official brochures, 9/11 Truth activists exposed the museum’s glaring omissions to throngs of visitors as they made their way to the Memorial.

The educational brochures created by AE911Truth were the same ones that caused CNN’s Jake Tapper, host of “The Lead,” to fly into an unprofessional and mean-spirited rampage earlier in the week. Falsely labeling AE911Truth a “conspiracy group” that is spreading “lies,” Tapper collaborated with Slate Senior Editor Emily Bazelon to denigrate those who work on behalf of the nonprofit organization, calling them insensitive to victims, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-corporation, crazy, and — get this — probable tax cheats.

But if the media wasn’t attacking, it was ignoring, devoting the majority of their reportage to less controversial museum stories: one about an alcohol-fueled opening-night party for VIPs; another about the hideous decision to store pulverized human remains in the museum; another about a $24 admission charge; and still another about a gift shop that sells mugs, T-shirts, and, at one time, a 9/11-themed cheese plate — all headline-grabbing accounts of the Memorial Museum’s poor taste and blatant commercialism, but ultimately serving as distractions from an infinitely more important story.

The more important story is the one with historical implications that boldly asks: Why, within the hallowed walls of a $700 million museum complex that allegedly exists to preserve the record of events, is there not one mention of the catastrophic destruction of World Trade Center Building 7, of melted steel/iron, of thermite residue, of explosions, of pulverized concrete, of elevator modernization and fleeing elevator mechanics? It’s kind of like doing a tribute to Rock and Roll — but the guitar players are never mentioned. …

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