Humor: Talking Airheads Still Trying to Herd the Sheep Re: 9/11

The big lie does have its comedic value at times.  Note the appeals to an imaginary consensus of trust and belief in the government and media, the condemnation of truthers “antisemitism” and “insensitivity to family members”, the invention of multiple “credible” investigations out of whole cloth (there was only one official “investigation” and it was hardly credible), the denigration of scientific analysis and the extraordinary effort to delineate exactly what is and is not to be believed.   Their failure as propagandists is manifest.  Emily looks like she’s just snorted a line.   I’m reminded of why I never watch CNN or read Slate.   These people have absolutely no shame, especially when you consider that they are accomplices to mass murder.

Angry White Woman on Conspiracy Theories

This is CNN, and CBS and NBC and ABC and MSNBC and NYT and the Brainwashington Compost and the entire US MSM

Controlled Demolition of Official Story at Grand Opening of the 9/11 Memorial Museum

There was an awakening in New York last week as 9/11 Truth activists converged at the World Trade Centers for the Grand Opening of the September 11 Memorial Museum.

Handing out thousands of alternative museum brochures that bore a striking resemblance to the official brochures, 9/11 Truth activists exposed the museum’s glaring omissions to throngs of visitors as they made their way to the Memorial.

The educational brochures created by AE911Truth were the same ones that caused CNN’s Jake Tapper, host of “The Lead,” to fly into an unprofessional and mean-spirited rampage earlier in the week. Falsely labeling AE911Truth a “conspiracy group” that is spreading “lies,” Tapper collaborated with Slate Senior Editor Emily Bazelon to denigrate those who work on behalf of the nonprofit organization, calling them insensitive to victims, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-corporation, crazy, and — get this — probable tax cheats.

But if the media wasn’t attacking, it was ignoring, devoting the majority of their reportage to less controversial museum stories: one about an alcohol-fueled opening-night party for VIPs; another about the hideous decision to store pulverized human remains in the museum; another about a $24 admission charge; and still another about a gift shop that sells mugs, T-shirts, and, at one time, a 9/11-themed cheese plate — all headline-grabbing accounts of the Memorial Museum’s poor taste and blatant commercialism, but ultimately serving as distractions from an infinitely more important story.

The more important story is the one with historical implications that boldly asks: Why, within the hallowed walls of a $700 million museum complex that allegedly exists to preserve the record of events, is there not one mention of the catastrophic destruction of World Trade Center Building 7, of melted steel/iron, of thermite residue, of explosions, of pulverized concrete, of elevator modernization and fleeing elevator mechanics? It’s kind of like doing a tribute to Rock and Roll — but the guitar players are never mentioned. …

US Southern Border is Gone

If you think it’s racist or ubernationalist to be worried about the economic, political and social consequences of having a flood of poor, uneducated, non-english-speaking people come into this country and disappear without a trace, try to snap out of it.   You may be laboring under the illusion that this is a 1st world country and it’s selfish not to share the wealth.  But in truth this is only a vestige of a 1st world country.  Everyone knows intellectually that our industrial infrastructure has been decimated, unemployment is skyrocketing,  debt is off the charts, the dollar is set for a crash and the wall street criminals who made it happen are going unpunished.  Many people have even seen through the fraud and treason of 9/11.   But the full meaning of these facts hasn’t yet sunk in with most people.  Germany went from the peak of prosperity, science and culture to the pit of a nazi nightmare in only a few years, all arranged via the same financial and industrial interests which dominate the united states today.  In a few years you’ll look back on this time of computers and the internet and supermarkets full of food and it will seem like a dream.

These refugees from US foreign policy are being used to destroy this society just as surely as their own societies were destroyed with US tax dollars years ago.   But now the war is coming home.   I can’t tell you what to do to stop it.  Washington has been out of control for decades, most visibly in its foreign policy and fraudulent war on drugs.  Fascism is taking root even at the local level as police become federalized and militarized.  Satanists seem to be in charge.
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House Passes Historic Medical Marijuana Amendment

For hundreds of  years, hemp and cannabis were two of the most useful crops in the world.The early US government  required farmers to use some of their land to grow hemp. Then, in the 1930s, cannabis, as well as hemp, were outlawed. Read this excellent article on how that came about… Why is Marijuana Illegal? In short, the answer is that hemp and cannabis were made illegal due to some slimy footwork, very unethical advertising and public relations work, a smear and fear campaign.

The tragedy of this story is that for thousands of years, cannabis was in every healer’s pharmacopeia and its healing effects were appreciated by the public. Then it was given “bad press” and forbidden  for over a century, thanks to the efforts of a few plutocrats. “Big boys” in the steel, paper, food, medicine and drug businesses saw hemp and cannabis as market share competitors. Corporations then profited mightily from its illegality, including the medical industry. We now know that cannabis heals cancer. Yet due to the fancy footwork of a few selfish men, millions upon millions have died of cancer… my own mother among them.

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DHS: A beast that is accelerating our nation’s transformation into a police state

“A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty.”—James Madison

“Here [in New Mexico], we are moving more toward a national police force. Homeland Security is involved with a lot of little things around town. Somebody in Washington needs to call a timeout.” —Dan Klein, retired Albuquerque Police Department sergeant

If the United States is a police state, then the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is its national police force, with all the brutality, ineptitude and corruption such a role implies. In fact, although the DHS’ governmental bureaucracy may at times appear to be inept and bungling, it is ruthlessly efficient when it comes to building what the Founders feared most—a standing army on American soil.

The third largest federal agency behind the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense, the DHS—with its 240,000 full-time workers, $61 billion budget and sub-agencies that include the Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, Secret Service, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)—has been aptly dubbed a “runaway train.”

In the 12 years since it was established to “prevent terrorist attacks within the United States,” the DHS has grown from a post-9/11 knee-jerk reaction to a leviathan with tentacles in every aspect of American life. With good reason, a bipartisan bill to provide greater oversight and accountability into the DHS’ purchasing process has been making its way through Congress.

A better plan would be to abolish the DHS altogether. In making the case for shutting down the de facto national police agency, analyst Charles Kenny offers the following six reasons: one, the agency lacks leadership; two, terrorism is far less of a threat than it is made out to be; three, the FBI has actually stopped more alleged terrorist attacks than DHS; four, the agency wastes exorbitant amounts of money with little to show for it; five, “An overweight DHS gets a free pass to infringe civil liberties without a shred of economic justification”; and six, the agency is just plain bloated.

To Kenny’s list, I will add the following: The menace of a national police force, a.k.a. a standing army, vested with so much power cannot be overstated, nor can its danger be ignored. Indeed, as the following list shows, just about every nefarious deed, tactic or thuggish policy advanced by the government today can be traced back to the DHS, its police state mindset, and the billions of dollars it distributes to police agencies in the form of grants….

Let’s be real shall we?  9/11 was a fascist coup and the DHS is the enforcement arm of that coup.  The unwillingness of the author to directly confront the false flag nature of 9/11 does not bode well for the future of this country.