Video: Hitler’s Children

This is about the cult of the state replacing families in the raising of children and the organization of society.   The family has long been a target of totalitarian forces through the centuries because it raises children in an uncontrolled information environment with memories that persist through generations, and intra-family networking gives rise to diverse and resilient communities whose interests often conflict with the dictates of centralized control.  The assault on families is two pronged and already well advanced in the USA.  One fork is the assault on children: brainwashing  via obstetrical trauma and circumcision, mother-sensory deprivation, toxic food, hypnotic video programming, diseducation, a toxic corporate media culture that cultivates rage and alienation, government-pushed street and psych drugs,  and police-state indoctrination in public schools.

The other fork is the assault on families, which is summarized here:

Prussian child rearing practices raised a generation of sociopaths in pre-nazi germany ( The Political Consequences of Child Abuse ) but the family unit was still left largely intact out of economic necessity or perhaps because german parents weren’t as damaged and brainwashed as american parents are today.

Despite the role of corporate foundations in the subjugation of american children, in a larger sense one could say that the entire phenomenon is a product of systemic self-organizational tendencies that naturally agglomerate diversified social/economic subunits (families and communities) into larger economic machines.  The cohesive glue of empathy and trust which binds families and communities is replaced by the empire’s fiat currency.  Such a social  phase transition requires mass alienation and sociopathy, which naturally arises as a result of state child rearing practices that co-evolved with the rest of the system.  The role of elite interests in this process is elucidated when you consider that the wealthy were the first victims of medical and psychological quackery generations ago, simply because they could afford it.  Obstetrical quackery and boarding schools subjected their children to the full force of medical “science” and bullying by their peers without parental protection at a time when the underclasses were still largely benefiting from the fruits of human evolution as applied to reproduction and early child care.   Thus the overall system oppresses us all, even the so-called controllers.

Getting back to the nazi experiment, the role of these same US and UK foundations and secret societies in the rise of hitler should be cause for alarm.

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