UK: Politicians & Press Confronted on Government Pedophilia Rings & Needless Austerity

If it happened here in the land of the free they’d probably be violently assaulted and arrested.  Can’t have the peasants knowing what’s going on behind the curtain.

For those who aren’t well read on the subject: the price of admission to these cults of power is controllability by those already on the inside, and blackmail is a very powerful and convenient form of control.  There are few things more fatal to a person’s life and career than substantiated charges of pedophilia, which is why intelligence agencies frequently bait politicians and other powerful officials  into compromising positions with children and offer up children for the use of already compromised people.  Thus there is a higher (probably much higher) rate of pedophilia among such groups than among the general public.  But you’d already know this if you checked out the reference section on this site, starting with “conspiracy of silence”.  Pedophilia is foundational to the structure of power in this wacko world.

As far as the line of questioning dealing with austerity,  the bankster’s secret is out, people are starting to wonder why governments can’t print their own debt-free money in order to fund the general welfare.

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