The Occult History of the 3rd Reich

This would just be a bizarre historical footnote if the nazis weren’t so heavily financed and influenced by the US and UK robber baron dynasties which still hold a great deal of power today.   Operation Paperclip was largely about retaining valuable human resources cultivated by the western elites themselves.

The occult history of the CIA itself would make for fascinating reading.    It would not be at all surprising if they practiced satanic rituals at langley, especially given their known history in latin america and their utilization of trauma based mind control of children.

Here’s the four part series “The Occult History of the Third Reich” which is still available from youtube.  My suggestion is that you download all parts from to study the occult religion of the present day elite.  My guess is that it will disappear from the net at some point.  It’s also available on the torrents the last time I checked.

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