German Aerospace Worker: “I Installed Chemtrail Equipment”

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ChemtrailsEhemaliger aviation and aerospace engineer reports on Chemtrails

May 18, 2014 The man who took unannounced on a Monday demonstration the microphone and talks about his work as an aviation and aerospace engineer, and that he has built into this function, such chemtrail spraying cared for vertebrae. Some considered his explanation with skepticism, others were enthusiastic. We can not really judge. Here is his statement and announced by him documents can be viewed here also. Everybody might be picture!

Dear fellow people !

I send you today in my writing made ​​on Montagbei the vigil statements and the related appendix gathered by me documents. I would be glad if you published it on your side .

Unfortunately, the video is titled aircraft engineer on Youtube. But that is not true because I ‘m technicians ! My specialty is the maintenance of aircraft and undInstandhaltung while I am specialized engines.

I would also like to emphasize once again that neither I nor work colleagues who I could ask (ie passenger and cargo aircraft ) have ever found something during maintenance and repair work on civil machines. This proves it is with civilian machines via a special equipment in and around the aircraft sprayed something during the flight !

This requires extensive renovation project ahead of special tanks , pipes, system control and spraying to install. It would , everyone who works at the flyer stand out and would be hard to hide .

But I can prove that I at in 2008 at an airport with military special use , which was also the largest Swiss arms company RUAG is located and right next door the German Air and Space Center ( DLR) is with his special aircraft for measurement flights, as a civilian have an aircraft maintenance is performed which was fitted by specialists for spraying flights .

The plane was equipped with tanks in the interior and at the rear was brought to a sprayer. This was large in area and can simulate different situations in order to measure the spreading of substances during the flight. Because of this special aircraft was sure as to spray ahead and fly , so the DLR behind flying machine could perform measurements.

When the built- in aircraft tanks were filled by military personnel , you asked us to wear while working on the machine respirators, special gloves and protective suits . On the grounds that the substances that come into the tanks for humans are toxic and they also contain nanoparticles can be released through the skin and the respiratory tract into the body.

Well, then, I had nothing of chemtrails heard or read . But when I started to ask me questions about all the toxins that are used in aviation, I also came to the topic of chemtrails and I suddenly realized what I had experienced at that time .

After all, data must be collected and analyzed to ensure that the technical implementation and feasibility can be optimized based on the collected data. And all this is done at the military level and we are told everything is harmless and safe for humans.

So if already measurements with special aircraft on the spread of so-called “normal contrail cirrus ” from the DLR carried out , then you could but a WHAT be clarified once and for all by this leading-edge technology in the atmosphere of particles or substances is included and WHY ! For the fact that there are ice clouds caused by air transport and this spread is probably not new.

After I realized that the responsible authorities would not release any data and information on these issues , I went to the city office of the Greens in my residential area and offered to put me on an investigation shall , that will find out what happens above our heads. I left the name and phone number , hoping for a call. But the did not but three days later, back home to tell me my boss to me that he must dismiss me because of the top wheels are turned against which he is powerless. He told me that you had told him I would talk too much .

So if there is Nothing to hide to the people in this country, then let independent scientists finally perform and prove a public inquiry into the substances in our atmosphere , bringing on us no toxins with the aid of aircraft, to whatever purpose distributed, are !

Because to prevent further warming of the planet by about us sprayed toxic substances and then want us to believe that it was safe for us – submit without demonstrable studies or investigations to be able to ! Sorry, but that is quackery and no help for the planet.

Here the information provided by Jens documents in PDF format:






Here are the documents for viewing:

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