Child Kidnapping Child Slavery in America Today

President Jimmy Carter, April 8 at the LBJ Library spoke of the rebirth of slavery in America today.

Carter argued that “slavery” in the United States now exceeded slavery in the 19th century because 100,000 girls “were sold into sexual slavery” last year.

In his new book “A Call to Action”, he spoke of 200-300 children a month being shipped out of Atlanta Airport to various slave auctions in the U.S  and abroad.  Hear the clip  below for me speaking with FBI man Ted Gunderson, psychiatrist Judi-Anne Densen Gerber and Kansas City homicide detective E. Lee Orr.   All agreed that slavery was alive and growing in America as of  the date of the interview, July 17, 1991.  Why did it take Jimmy Carter so long to catch on.  We gave him information in 1991.  See below

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