Sibel Edmonds: False Flags: Operation Gladio Exposed

Five parts:

Also see the BBC’s expose in the reference section.

The Case for Chicago Being the Next False Flag

The owners of this country need a major event to wipe the slate clean and control growing public awareness of their crimes.    Aside from the evidence laid out below, chicago is a logical choice for a false flag if domestic “insurgents” are to be blamed.   Notice how Obama is being set up as a victim of racism in the media.  The PR myth is that he’s being persecuted, that the growing opposition to him is not due to his repeated deceptions and broken promises, but because he’s black.  One would think this would be a hard sell but the fact is that many americans still aren’t paying attention.   Chicago is his “home town” to the extent that he has one, so an attack there could be scripted by the media into confirmation of a powerful conspiracy driven by a deep-seated hatred of all things Obama and by extension, of black people in general.   Of course Obama is only the most recent in a series of front men for the money masters, but the color of his skin  provides some unique possibilities for social engineering, and given the rate at which the MSM is losing credibility they may conclude that his term is the last chance they’ll have.

Of course chicago is just a guess, but the need for a false flag is clear.  They aren’t going to  stop staging terror as long as people are still willing to believe them and unfortunately my reading is that most people are still drinking the kool-aid.  I hope I’m wrong.  Anyway, this article lays out a case for chicago being the choice: