Flight 370: Govt Spooks Burglarize Philip Wood’s Girlfriend

The girlfriend of an American passenger aboard missing Flight MH370 told NBC News she has been the victim of two break-ins, a death threat and numerous unsettling phone calls since the jet vanished.

Sarah Bajc received an instant message warning that “I’m going to come and kill you next” about two weeks after the Malaysia Airlines plane disappeared on March 8. Several pornographic images and creepy phone calls were also received from the same China-based number.

Bajc was preparing to move from Beijing to live with passenger Philip Wood, a 50-year-old Texas native and IBM Malaysia employee, in Kuala Lumpur at the time of the tragedy. …


No doubt they’ll tell us next that it was iranian or “al qaeda” agents who have been worried about her statements to the press.   “China based phone number” ?  I guess that’s supposed to suggest china had something to do with it.   All china has to do to inherit the earth at this point is sit tight and let the outsourced US government proceed with its plans to sell us out.  The al-washington forces, on the other hand, still have a few things to do to complete their job of destroying this country.  A terrorist attack involving a jet airliner would suit them just fine, but it has to happen before the US dollar crashes so the american people aren’t clued into who’s responsible for looting the most productive economy in world history into 3rd world poverty.  It can all be chalked up to the “terrorists”.