Vaccines: Cult of the State Pushing for End to “Personal Belief” Exemptions

As if the only conceivable objection to vaccination would be some kind of religious belief.    This hype is way beyond orwellian.  You’d have to be a totally deluded true believer in the infallibility of the holy state to push this kind of totalitarian orthodoxy on families.  “Medical science” is on the verge of becoming an oxymoron.  Kids need protection from these weirdos.

On Apr. 13, 2014, USA Today became the first U.S. national newspaper to call for an end to the personal belief exemption to vaccination in the U.S. and for narrowing of “strictly defined” religious and medical exemptions. In an opposing OpEd, NVIC President Barbara Loe Fisher disagreed and said: “Non-medical vaccine exemptions immunize individuals and the community against unsafe, ineffective vaccines and tyranny.”
The OpEds generated a heated online debate among USA Today readers. Within 72 hours, there were more than 15,000 “shares” and 450 comments for the “pro-choice” OpEd and 3,000 “shares “ and 140 comments for the “anti-choice” OpEd. A USA Today reader poll overwhelmingly supported informed consent to vaccination and the freedom to take non-medical vaccine exemptions for religious, philosophical or conscientious beliefs.

Below is a fully referenced version of Barbara Loe Fisher’s OpEd that appeared in USA Today on Apr. 13, 2014….–Eliminate-Personal-Belief-Vaccine-Exemp.aspx

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