Terrorist caught Red-handed threatening to nuke USA

Sen Lindsey Graham has warned that syria’s assad might set off a nuclear bomb in S Carolina, conveniently following a report about a covert, irregular nuke transfer from a Texas air force base to South Carolina.



And speaking of WMD’s in syria, remember when obama warned that assad would be crossing a red line if he used gas against his own people?

TCR Syria Compilation

With a little practice it’s pretty easy to see the real agenda simply by observing the behavior of the media and looking for anomalous news bits like the above, which tend to leak out but are quickly suppressed.

The general rule is that the US government is under the control of a bloodthirsty den of traitors, thieves, murderers, torturers and satanists and has been for decades.   This is quite clear when you admit that none of the elite criminals involved in such activities have even been indicted, much less spent a day in jail, even while being responsible for the US economy crashing from being the envy of the world 30 years ago to circling the drain today.   Just from a purely economic (never mind a human rights) perspective, the level of corruption is simply unsustainable.  Needless to say, when they invoke human rights as an excuse for foreign intervention, you can be sure something else is going on.   There should be a laugh track playing whenever they open their mouths about such matters.

It goes without saying that graham knows what’s really been going on in syria and he’s apparently quite content to use nuclear weapons  against the people of the USA in pursuit of the syrian agenda, as he’s been on board with the 9/11 domestic terror operation from the beginning.

What did bush say?  The terrorists hate us for our freedom?   Funny guy.