Agenda 21: Fascism with a Green Mask

“Fascism” is an overused term but it does denote at least part of the reality of what the UN and agenda 21 are all about.  It has nothing to do with politics or economics or science or religion.  It has to do with a merger of all of those synthetic mental categories and more into one overall system of mind control at the service of the financial powers that have “purchased” them using the various scams that underpin the global economy.  It’s about using the products of your sweat and labor to enslave you for the “greater good” as defined by those interests, which are notably silent on genetic pollution or IMF-imposed starvation or false flag terrorism or numerous other real crises.  By now it should be apparent that the real struggle has always been between the forces of centralization and decentralization, between totalitarianism and diversity.  This struggle is manifest in everything from child care to monetary policy.

The New America Under Agenda 21 – with Activist Rosa Koire

Agenda 21. What is it? A plan for every every aspect of your life in the 21st century. Where you work, what work you’re allowed to do, and how you get there, have all been planned in advance. Small towns are eliminated, and returned to nature – where the common man is not allowed. Everyone except the elite are herded into beehive-like cities, isolated from nature. This is the “sustainable” society of the future.

Science fiction? Hardly. This is the face of the very real Agenda 21, carefully hidden from view until it is too late to resist it. And yet the United Nations has published it in official manuals, and it is being implemented in areas all across the United States! Probably it is being discussed and implemented to some degree where you are, right now.
Rosa Koire has seen the workings of this plan from the inside as a property appraiser for land being taken under eminent domain law. Her inside knowledge is an uncommon insight into insidious machinations of globalist elitists and their plans for your future.

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