CIA Scandal: Leaks Reveal Brutal Torture Methods and Government Lies

A still-classified Senate Intelligence Committee report contains damning information on both the extent of US torture methods and the lies of top CIA officials about these programs, according to information in a Washington Post article on Monday.

The government torture methods revealed by the Post, based on information from anonymous administration officials, include sadistic forms of inflicting pain that are associated with the most brutal police state and fascistic regimes.

According to the Post, the Senate report “concludes that the CIA misled the government and the public about aspects of its brutal interrogation program for years—concealing details about the severity of its methods, overstating the significance of plots and prisoners, and taking credit for critical pieces of intelligence that detainees had in fact surrendered before they were subjected to harsh techniques.”

The terms utilized by the Washington Post in its article—“brutal” torture methods, “excruciating” pain, “sprawling” black sites—gives an indication of the chilling and deeply criminal character of a torture operation directed by the highest levels of the CIA as a matter of official state policy. The original crimes and their subsequent coverup, by both the Bush and Obama administrations, are all impeachable and prosecutable offenses….

Keep in mind that they know torture produces unreliable information.  Obviously what’s really going on is they’re sending a message to the population that when their looting of the economy finally implodes the house of cards, this is what awaits anyone naive enough to take to the streets.   The torture is aimed at YOU and YOUR CHILDREN.

American medicine has created armies of traumatized sadists and sociopaths by brutally amputating male babies “wings” (foreskins) at birth.  A social control experiment of unprecedented scope and depravity.

Conference: Genital Autonomy 2014


July 24 — 26, 2014

The 13th International Symposium on
Genital Autonomy and Children’s Rights
“Whole Bodies, Whole Selves: Activating Social Change”

University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado, USA

Genital Autonomy – A Human Rights Issue

The International Symposia on Genital Autonomy and Children’s Rights promote interdisciplinary dialogue about genital cutting practices of male, female, and intersex children, and on strategies for protecting children from medically unnecessary genital alteration. They offer an informational and practical platform for effecting social change and are designed to be of interest to legal, medical, and mental health professionals; scholars, educators, and students; policy makers and the media; activists and the general public. Information on previous Symposia may be seen via this link.

Symposium presentations cover the topics of: genital alteration of male, female, and intersex infants and children; medicine, anatomy, sexuality; psychology, sociology, anthropology; religion, history; law, ethics, human rights; activism and social change

We continue to promote the resolutions laid out in the Declaration of the First International Symposium on Circumcision, which recognize the inherent right of all human beings to an intact body. We believe that non-therapeutic genital surgery performed on nonconsenting children is a violation of medical ethics and the principles of human rights laid out in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989).

A new terrorist movement no doubt.

The Afghan H-Bomb

Finding a solution to the thriving heroin production in Afghanistan has been on the back burner ever since the Americans occupied the country. The new Afghan president who will be elected next weekend will have to battle record opium harvests.

Since the US came down on the Taliban and occupied Afghanistan in 2001, heroin production in the country has surged almost 40-fold since 2013. One year ago the estimated number of heroin addicts dying due to Afghan heroin in the preceding decade surpassed well over one million deaths worldwide.

Last year, Afghanistan harvested a record quantity of opium. The annual report of the International Narcotics Control Board maintains that Afghan poppy fields now occupy a record 209,000 hectares, a 36 percent increase from 2013.

Today more than half of the provinces in Afghanistan are growing opium poppies. Reports say Afghanistan is responsible for production of around 80 percent of the world’s opium and heroin….

US soldiers from 4th platoon Alpha company 5/2 ID Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) 1-17 infantry batallion patrol near a poppy field in Shahwali Kot district Kandahar on May 11, 2010. (AFP Photo / Tauseef Mustafa)

“on the back burner” … RT is being a bit diplomatic here.  This is part and parcel of the whole enterprise.  It accomplishes a number of important bankster objectives as a form of domestic social control, malthusian eugenics, destabilization of russia, supporting the dollar and making a mint off the money laundering and private prisons.

Regime Change in Ukraine and the IMF’s Bitter “Economic Medicine”

Interim Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk meets President Obama at White House, March 2014 (White House photo)

In the days following the Ukraine coup d’Etat of February 23, leading to the ousting of a duly elected president, Wall Street and the IMF–in liaison with the US Treasury and the European Commission in Brussels– had already set the stage for the outright takeover of Ukraine’s monetary system. The EuroMaidan protests leading up to “regime change” and the formation of an interim government were followed by purges within key ministries and government bodies.

The Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Ihor Sorkin was fired on February 25th and replaced by a new governor: Stepan Kubiv.[right]

Stepan Kubiv is a member of Parliament of the Rightist Batkivshchyna “Fatherland” faction in the Rada led by the acting Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk (founded by Yulia Tymoshenko in March 1999). He previously headed Kredbank, a Ukrainian financial institution largely owned by EU capital, with some 130 branches throughout Ukraine. Ukraine Central Bank Promises Liquidity To Local Banks, With One Condition, Zero Hedge, February 27, 2014).

Kubic is no ordinary bank executive. He was one of the first field “commandants” of the EuroMaidan riots alongside Andriy Parubiy co-founder of the Neo-Nazi Social-National Party of Ukraine (subsequently renamed Svoboda) and Dimitry Yarosh, leader of the Right Sector Brown Shirts, which now has the status of a political party.  

Kubiv was in the Maidan square addressing protesters on February 18, at the very moment when armed Right Sector thugs under the helm of Dmitry Yarosh were raiding the parliament building.

A few days later, upon the establishment of the interim government, Stepan Kubiv was put in charge of negotiations with Wall Street and the IMF….

The “Global Spring”: Yet Another Psyop

The Worldwide #WaveOfAction begins April 4th and runs through July 4th…”

Washington’s Blog has brought to our attention a series of videos produced by “ Wave of Action ” and “Anonymous” concerning the launching of a “Worldwide Global Awakening”, a so-called “Global Spring.”

“What do you think, Powerful or Impotent? Genius or Idiocy? Productive or Counterproductive?” asks Washington’s Blog.

The videos use powerful and emotional quotes, yet they fail to acknowledge the dramatic economic, social and geopolitical realities affecting humanity.

“Move out and do it”. But in relation to what?

Does the Wave of Action have an Action Program?

Beautiful slogans:

Can you hear me, wherever you are,

We are coming into a new World

The Glorious Future

The solar planet has been given wings

On April 4th a Global Spring begins.

Moment of Clarity

Our Time has Come

Begin to Form Affinity Groups and Then Do It.

Evolve society

Let’s make transforming the world the cool thing to do.

Let’s create a culture of transformation.”

The Manipulation of the Protest Movement

The World  is indeed at a dangerous Crossroads: At the height of a Worldwide crisis characterized by the collapse of social programs, unemployment, IMF engineered global poverty and US led wars, Washington is now supporting Al Qaeda “freedom fighters” and a Neo-Nazi government in Ukraine.

Beyond the rhetoric, the music and the video-montage, none of these issues are addressed.

This Wave of Action fails to provide an understanding of global capitalism.

The word “war” or “anti-war” are not mentioned, nor is the word “austerity”.

This initiative has all the appearances of a Psy Op., a carefully staged propaganda campaign to create confusion and channel people into manipulated protest movements….

There’s no clearer indication that we’re under foreign occupation than that the puppet masters are using the same techniques here that they’ve used in egypt, libya, ukraine, georgia and who knows where else.  Just remember: no matter how cynical you are, it’s not enough.  See and