March 21st, 2014—False Flag or Psy-Op?

I posted an article some time ago sharing insider info that something was being planned for March of this year, a major False Flag or Psy-Op. The date of March 21st seems significant for a number of reasons. For one thing, many hardcore Satanists practice blood rituals on that day. It’s a traditional Luciferian day for human sacrifice going back to very ancient times. Also Skull & Bones is associated with the number 322. The date 3/22 is the day after 3/21. So if there were a bloody false flag on 3/21 it could be followed the next day on 3/22 by a declaration of marital law in the USA shutting down all democracy and starting up a dictatorship run by Skull & Bones. Of course Skull & Bones is virtually running the government now anyway. But it’s interesting to note that famous bonesman John Kerry is now fourth on the line of succession to president.

There is a strange website on the internet now that is counting down to March 21st. It’s worth looking at. It’s called–the link for this is below.

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