IMF Vultures Circling Over Ukraine

The Importance of IMF Reforms to Support Ukraine

This blog post by Anthony Reyes, the new media specialist at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, was published on the Treasury Department website on March 6.

The Importance of IMF Reforms to Support Ukraine
By Anthony Reyes

Given the events unfolding in Ukraine, the important role the United States has in providing economic support for the Ukrainian government, together with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and our international partners, has become even more urgent. While delivering a statement on the ongoing situation in Ukraine today, President Obama highlighted this issue by calling on Congress to quickly approve IMF legislation that would enable the United States to do just that:

“Today, once again, I’m calling on Congress to follow up on these words with action, specifically to support the IMF’s capacity to lend resources to Ukraine and to provide American assistance for the Ukrainian government so that they can weather this storm and stabilize their economy, make needed reforms, deliver for their people, all of which will provide a smoother pathway for the elections that have already been scheduled in May.” …

Robbing Peter to loot Paul.  What a racket.  What happened to Ukraine’s gold?

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