Zero Dark Thirty movie review by Kerth

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Since ancient times Luciferian aristocrats have controlled the population through the clever use of mythological stories. They create a fictional story and make you a character in that story. If you accept this fictional story as if it were the truth–your life becomes a lie and you find yourself disassociated from reality. What director Kathryn Bigelow and writer Mark Boal have created with their movie Zero Dark Thirty is a mythological story in which every citizen in the USA and England are invited to become side characters. FIRST LET’S REVIEW THE TRUE STORY. On 9/11/2001 Building Seven of the WTC was not hit with an airplane and was relatively undamaged by the collapse of the towers. There was no jet fuel burning in it at all. Yet it fell at the near speed of gravity in a uniform fashion directly onto its foundation. What this means is that it’s 100% certain that it was brought down with controlled demolition. In Building Seven there were offices for the CIA, IRS and U.S. Secret Service. What this means is that during the weeks before 911 when the charges were being set in the building, the only group that could have gotten past that level of security would have been the CIA. It is 100% certain that 911 was a false flag operation. Osama Bin Laden’s only involvement with it is that once it was done, he agreed to be the scapegoat so that G.W. Bush could blame 911 on terrorists. The real planning for 911 was done by the CFR execs. with the help of CIA spooks. NOW LET’S REVIEW THE FICTIONAL MOVIE ZERO DARK THIRTY. In the mythological retelling of the story, 911 is all the fault of a man that the CIA calls Usama Bin Laden–UBL. The movie Zero Dark Thirty is a retelling of Moby Dick in which the Americans are invited to get imaginary revenge against the evil white whale now named UBL. Captain Ahab is now played by a beautiful young CIA agent with long crimson hair. First she heroically tortures prisoners in hidden CIA prison camps. When that eventually leads her to UBL’s hideout, she then has to battle with liberal political leaders in Washington DC. Finally because of the force of her fanatical desire for revenge, they allow her to send out a Seal Team (whalers) in helicopters (whaling boats) to kill the white whale who has been renamed from Moby Dick to Usama Bin Laden. At last the American people can celebrate knowing that Moby Dick, the terrorist white whale, is dead. In Zero Dark Thirty the direction, acting and writing are all very professional. But my favorite version of Moby Dick is still the one that stars Gregory Peck. Meanwhile back in the real world, GW Bush sits safely in his ranch in Texas and laughs at all the brainwashed Americans.

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