USA No Place for the Elderly

Most wars are fought in public, amidst much fanfare and invocations of national pride, intended to rally the support of citizens and other sovereign states. Debates, stirring speeches, and then the trumpet call signifying battle all are hallmarks of public wars.

The United States, however, has also launched secret wars. These wars may only be brought to public attention by a maverick, who may be embedded in a system he finds indefensible, or by independent and non-embedded media.

But how many times in history has the United States launched a secret war against a portion of its own populace?

And when has such a war taken place in courtrooms?

According to numerous sources, the United States of America is now assaulting the rights, the property and in some cases, the very lives of a specific demographic group—the elderly and disabled. And this assault is taking place in a most Kafkaesque setting—adult guardianships.

Adult guardianships (some states call these “conservatorships”) are generally initiated through court proceedings when there are allegations that a person may be lacking capacity. What this means, in layman’s terms, is that the individual in question may be alleged to be having difficulty handling his affairs or may have fallen prey to a greedy relative.

Upon the initiation of an adult guardianship, the alleged incapacitated person loses most of his rights and all access to his property. He may not even be allowed to hire an attorney to contest the guardianship.

In view of the fact that an elderly person may have a significant nest egg in savings, the opportunity for predatory and unscrupulous people to apply for a guardianship position is an obvious danger.

And this is where the problem begins. For not only has a cottage industry of professional guardians and conservators sprung into existence, but the abusive potential has become systemic, with judges rubberstamping the decisions of these professionals with almost no oversight provided….

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