Huge CKLN MK-Ultra Mind Control Archive Now Online

This was recently put up on the torrents.  I’d been trying to find the actual recordings for years but even the radio station (CKLN) doesn’t have them any more.  This is a huge win for mind control researchers and anyone else concerned about pure evil and satanic influences in government, because at a theological level, what MK-Ultra is all about is demonic possession.  Think about it.  Kerth says these kinds of traumatizing practices were used in ancient occult religions precisely to create multiple personalities.  The connection is very clear.

This archive is not about wild speculation.  The sources are authoritative and the journalism is thorough.   There’s nothing else like it that I know of.  Check it out.

Note: this is the archive as it was distributed on 2 CDROM’s around 10 years ago.  The audio files from both CD’s are combined in the MP3 directory in 30 minute chunks of the hour long show, while the transcripts are in the respective HTML directories.    I organized it into a more useful format in this article:

CKLN-FM Mind Control Series

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