Extraterrestrial Politics and Psychic Ability


I’ve studied the UFO phenomena for years. I’ve done radio programs on UFOs. And these programs were always the most popular. One thing that I’ve learned is that many contactees and abductees have reported that the ETs use telepathy. My research shows that all of the advanced extraterrestrial civilizations are based on telepathy. As a species, we will never have the respect of the Extraterrestrial community until we develop our psychic abilities. Ultimate political liberation requires the widespread development of psychic abilities in Earthling civilization.

I point this out because I’ve been working with a group of people who are interested in developing psychic abilities in human beings. They’ve developed a program, which for certain persons, can result in the rapid development of psychic powers. YOU CAN LEARN ABOUT THIS PROGRAM OF PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT FOR FREE BY USING THIS LINK BELOW.

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