Eugenicist CFR Jumps in Vaccination Fray

The war against so-called ‘vaccine preventable’ diseases has a new frontier: the internet, and most recently The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) has entered the fray with the publication of an interactive map that it claims “visually plots global outbreaks of measles, mumps, whooping cough, polio, rubella, and other diseases that are easily preventable by inexpensive and effective vaccines.”  This widely referenced map generated news headlines such as:

CFR’s map is “made possible by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,” and is part of The Global Health Program at the Council on Foreign Relations, which it claims “provides independent, evidence-based analysis and recommendations to help policymakers, business leaders, journalists, and the general public meet the health challenges of a globalized world.”  The problem, however, with this map is that is not based on peer-reviewed biomedical evidence as one would expect, but largely anecdotal evidence aggregated from unconfirmed and often unverifiable news stories. …

As long as they deny the autism and autoimmune connections they are not to be taken seriously.  But in any case it takes a great deal of blind trust in our medical, pharmaceutical and governmental institutions to get vaccinated, especially considering the complete lack of quality control (i.e. metal nanoparticle contaminants, wild variations in pH, random viral,  hormonal and human DNA contamination etc) together with the immune-stimulating bludgeon of aluminum adjuvants, all administered under a regime of total legal impunity for the manufacturer and the doctor.   This is a crazily corrupt system.

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