3-8-18-9-19-20/9-19/8-5-18-5/14-15-23 to Release Christian Churches from Luciferian Influences

The true history of Christianity is this. Yeshua, the historical Jesus, was a real person. He performed miracles. He banished demons. He spoke truth and healed people. He was a spiritual teacher of royal dominion. The early Christian movement was miraculously transformational. The rulers of Rome in those days were all members of pagan mystery-school cults. The early Christians were fearless and inspired. The Roman leaders realized that they could not kill or corrupt the Christians. So they decided to influence the movement from within so they could at least manipulate in in some way. The mystery-school of Apollo and other similar cults fused some of their teachings into Christianity. By the time Christianity became the state religion of Rome, the Christian movement was being lead by a secret society of sun worshipping pagans. Still it has to be pointed out that THE Byzantine Empire was less corrupt and more kindly than the Pagan Roman Empire. By the time of the medieval Christian Church, the Holy Roman Empire was being run by a secret society of Satanists. Consider the title for the Pope, VICARIUS FILII DEI. This dates back to the 8th and 9th centuries. In Latin, some letters are also numbers. U/V = 5, D = 500 and so forth. If you add up the numbers in the above title, they equal 666. This type of Satanic symbolism is hidden not just in the Catholic Church but all forms of Christianity. In the Dark Ages, when the Church publicly murdered innocent people as witches and heretics, these were really Satanic blood rituals. It’s really not even a secret to say that Luciferian rituals in Latin are being performed in the Vatican on a regular basis. Many Christian leaders in the USA are high ranking masons. The average person who is a Christian may love God, and most Christian ministers and priests are sincere in their beliefs. But the entire worldwide movement, all branches of Christianity, is being covertly influenced by Luciferians. AT THE TOP, THE CHURCH LEADERS ARE ALL LUCIFERIANS–AND CHRIST KNOWS THIS. You cannot look to any Christian Church for authority because now Christ alone has authority. Originally the Christian movement was about the experience of miracles which come to those who love God. And now that HE is back in town, the miracles are going to start happening again. If you want to open yourself to miracles–read this FREE PSYCHIC TECH HANDBOOK the link to which is below.


Recently I did a TV interview in which I talk about the Illuminati and Satanism. The link to that interview is available on youtube below.

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