FBI Special Agent says 9-11 was an inside job

See more about Ted Gunderson at https://archive.org/details/gunder

Was Ted’s death a result of poisoning due to his whistleblowing? Former head of FBI Los Angeles, Memphis, Dallas, poisoned with Arsenic says Dr Ed Lucidi who saw the body and treated Mr Gunderson who suffered bladder cancer and died as a result of its spread. Reportedly Mr Gunderson had a very large FBI dossier being a whistleblower against the agency and left out of moral considerations. He spoke to many around the country about his first hand information. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu77VlA41Sk

In the FBI for 27 years, Gunderson retired as Special Agent-in-Charge with 700 agents under his command and a budget of $22.5 million. And then, as an independent investigator, he ran smack dab into the grotesque business the hidden FBI was involved in: blackmail, extortion, frame-up, cover up, MK-ULTRA, the Monarch Project. One case led to another: Dr. Jeffrey McDonald (see Failed Justice by Potter and Bost), The Franklin Cover-Up (see book by John DeCamp), and Johnny Gosch (is he Jeff Gannon?). Gunderson discusses the McMartin pre-school case, international child kidnapping, sex slavery, child auctions, satanism & the sale of body parts. Gunderson reviews FBI/CIA involvement in the Murrah Building bombing (included here: the actual sound of bombs exploding in the federal building) & Timothy McVeigh (who was visited in prison by CIA spook behaviorist psychiatrist Louis Jolyon West) as a mind-control victim. The former agent notes the FBI role in the 1993 WTC bombing, citing FBI operative Emad Ali Salem (who supplied the explosives, via the FBI). The former top level FBI man explores FBI involvement in 9-11 (the memos supplied by the still-imprisoned Michael Riconsciuto as well as the demoralizing impact on the concerned people still remaining in that organization (e.g., FBI agents Rowley, Wright and Frield) and how agents they deal with cognitive dissonance & finally, Ted Gundersons insurance policy (2 parts). www.tedgunderson.com TRT 35 min.

Obstetrical Abuse: My Interview with Jeanice Barcelo Last July

Tonight, Jeanice interviews Rich Winkel about obstetrical abuse and birth trauma. From induction to pitocin to cesarean birth to circumcision – point for point the protocols of hospital birth mirror the techniques of trauma-based mind-control. Every single hospital birth protocol undermines human love and bonding and severely restricts the capacity of mom and baby to experience a pleasurable birth. The cruelty and brutality inflicted on infants is criminal and those involved in enacting and perpetuating this evil should be behind bars. This is a very important show.

Elite Traitors Circle Wagons Re: Boston Bombing False Flag

The coverup continues:

In Boston Bombing, FBI Fights for Public’s Right to Know… Nothing

Secrecy has become the rule. In Boston, the prosecutor of accused bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has asked the judge to withhold filings from the media. The FBI won’t even identify the agent who shot and killed a key witness in the investigation in Orlando, Florida, let alone clear up the muddy circumstances around the shooting. And the Bureau has ordered the sealing of a county coroner’s completed autopsy report of that killing.

And it’s not only the media that is being stonewalled. Politicians are being shut out, as well.

U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, a reliably conservative Republican from Iowa, is now demanding answers from the FBI about its bombing investigation. In a letter to bureau Director James Comey, Grassley criticized the FBI’s lack of transparency and asked for answers to a series of questions about the bombing he first asked in June.

Three months ago, U.S. Rep. William Keating, a Massachusetts Democrat, asked his own questions in a scathing letter to Comey.

Favored Reporters Are Fed Leaks

The information blackout of the past six months stands in stark contrast to the FBI’s river of leaks to pet reporters during the week following the April 15 bombing.

This tactic of handing out selective “scoops” gave the FBI control of the narrative as it steered public opinion toward viewing the Boston Bombing as an open-and-shut case against the Tsarnaev brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar….


Does US “Death Sentence” in Boston Case Equal Silence?

On January 30, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the federal government would seek the death penalty against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bombing suspect. The media by and large did not seem to find the move worth scrutinizing.

At WhoWhatWhy, we disagree.  Since the first week following the tragedy, we’ve been raising issues about the way in which a story riddled with improbabilities, anomalies and question marks (see, for example, this, this, this, and this.) was turned quickly into a “solved crime” and a done deal—with nary a question about whether a government that has lied to the American people time and again over the years could possibly be up to something.

One thing we pointed out: We ought to be wary of claims that the brothers should be given the ubiquitous moniker of “lone wolves”—even if it is proven that they planted the bombs. This is especially true, given the confirmed pre-Marathon interactions between the Tsarnaev family and the federal government (including contacts with the FBI), an uncle tied to the CIA, Russian intelligence interest, complaints from the parents that their children were set up, and more.

We also noted how the only people who could shed light on what actually happened were being silenced, by fate or design. First, Tamerlan Tsarnaev died in a hail of gunfire. Then his brother Dzhokhar was nearly killed in a massive strafing of the boat in which he was hiding, unarmed. Then a friend of Tamerlan’s, Ibragim Todashev, was killed in a still-unexplained shooting while unarmed and in FBI custody. Then Todashev’s girlfriend and friends were told to stop talking about what had happened or be deported, and then harassed, and, in at least her case, actually deported….


This blog has been covering the boston case since the beginning and there’s no question it involved a government sponsored exercise, a mercenary security company (Craft) and the CIA.  There was also every indication that a constitutionalist libertarian type was initially set up to be the fall guy, in keeping with the ongoing campaign to demonize that demographic to facilitate the disarmament of the american people in the face of a long history of US government sponsored mass murder and torture in many parts of the world, a history which has yet to be admitted or prosecuted.  Disarming in the face of such a historical pattern would be like disarming under hitler.  See: http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/?s=boston&submit=Search Also see the reference section for some real history.


Eacher fruitz & veggies

Presently, US health care costs constitute 18% of GDP, up from about 5% around 1970 (1). These costs are burdensome and many sectors of our society are paying the price. School programs are being scaled back because of the escalating costs of retiree health care benefit programs, as illustrated in Michigan where they are “laying off teachers, scrapping programs and mothballing extracurricular activities…[because of]…health care bills of retirees.“(2). About 60% of personal bankruptcies are now attributed to medical care costs (3) and these rising costs are eroding family incomes (4), among many other devastating outcomes.  It is also far from evident that the almost four-fold increase in the costs of healthcare (as a percent of our dollars) since the 1970s is leading to better health outcomes…. A solution is urgently needed but, in my opinion, this will not happen if we depend on the health care reform proposals offered in recent years, either from the political right or the political left. These proposals mostly concern who will pay a bill that is dependent on the use of expensive pills and procedures. This is not the needed solution because it ignores a strategy that decreases demand for services by improving health….

The solution
When I examine the various proposals made in recent years to reform this system, I see all as having one remarkably consistent omission. It is our neglect of the remarkable ability of nutrition to promote health and decrease illness. I particularly refer to the emerging evidence on the exceptional health benefits provided by a whole food plant-based (WFPB) diet—or should I say, re-emerging evidence. Re-emergence because the idea of the healing power of food has been around at least since the time of ancient Greece. Hippocrates said it best when he exclaimed, “Let food be thy medicine.”

I am referring here not only to the well-known ability of nutrition to prevent diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes but to the ability of the WFPB diet to actually treat and thus reverse diseases that are already diagnosed or forecast by out-of-range risk factors.

A WFPB diet (5) is defined as one rich in antioxidants and complex carbohydrates. It also avoids animal-based foods, refined carbohydrates, and added fat typically used to make processed, convenience foods. The remarkable health benefits of the WFPB diet is attributed to its being naturally low in fat (10-12% of diet calories), low in protein (10-12% of calories), high in complex carbohydrates (75-80% of calories) and abundant in natural vitamins and minerals.

The science behind a WFPB diet is compelling. A WFPB lifestyle is effective in the short and long terms against a broad spectrum of diseases and ailments (16,17).  Population-level studies show lower chronic disease rates the closer diets approximate the nutritional composition of a WFPB dietary lifestyle (7,18). That is, these population studies show the effects on a long term basis and that this dietary lifestyle serves the body’s innate biological tendency to repair itself and so constantly create health. But a WFPB diet can also act to reverse disease progression in a manner that is surprisingly fast (a few days to a few weeks). Such a diet can therefore function as a medical treatment.

The remarkable treatment effects are best documented in a clinical trial for patients with advanced heart disease (19-21). In one published study (19), seriously ill heart patients (i.e., 49 cardiac events during eight years prior to dietary intervention) cured themselves of coronary heart disease by adopting the WFPB dietary lifestyle. Now, 26 years later, five have passed but none from coronary disease (22). Additionally, the occurrence of cancer in these individuals is only about 10% of that expected (23). These results are unprecedented in a clinical trial.

Additionally, a rich body of evidence has come to light in recent years to support the ability of a WFPB diet to suspend progression of, or even reverse, serious diseases like melanoma (26), prostate cancer (27), multiple sclerosis (28), rheumatoid arthritis (McDougall, J. Diet: only hope for arthritis. McDougall Newsletter (2002) and many other diseases (5). The breadth of this dietary effect both to prevent and to reverse such a diversity of diseases and ailments is truly remarkable.

Much of the benefit of a WFPB diet originates from the avoidance of cow’s milk protein, the most biologically active protein of animal origin yet known, which in experiments markedly promotes cancer development (29-31). A discussion of the multiple mechanisms accounting for this effect on cancer may be found elsewhere (5). Cow milk also elevates serum cholesterol (total, LDL) as well as early lesions that lead to heart disease (32, 33), decreases the production of cells that repair heart vessel damage (34) and is the major cause of early childhood allergies (35, 36).

It is now abundantly clear that the health restoring effect offered by the WFPB diet is greater than that of modern medicine. The WFPB treats a broader range of diseases, it is more effective, and it acts just as fast or even faster. Nor, importantly, is it typically reliant on a detailed diagnosis. Were a composite pill made containing the best of all known pharmaceutical drugs, such a pill could not compare with the benefits of a WFPB diet. When the lesser side effects are taken into account, it is no contest. Thus nutrition is now in a position to displace modern medicine as the treatment of choice for chronic disease….