The New World Order Plans to Enslave All Survivors of Their Holocaust with Trauma Based Mind Control and Brain Implants

This is the latest info from the grapevine. The process of enslaving people with a combination of Trauma based mind control and brain implants has been perfected by the scientists working in the underground labs of the NWO. They use Monarch style trauma-based mind control to create alternative personalities which they can invoke with control words and signals. Think about all the Hollywood celebrities who’ve had their head’s shaven at some time or another. In this type of high tech mind control, the victim’s heads are shaven before the brain surgery is done which implants the devices into the appropriate sections of the victim’s brain. Once the implants are made, they can be used in conjunction with the Monarch mind control system. When the controller triggers a personality that’s been trained to commit assassinations, the controller can also electronically trigger strong feelings of aggression in the mind control slave through these brain implants. The brain implants can reinforce the behavior of mind controlled sex slaves by triggering sexual stimulation. Persons can be made submissive in this way as well. Feelings of worshipful reverence can be triggered with the brain implants. If the NWO gets it’s way, the Holocaust will begin soon, I’ve heard that 3/22 of this year is a possible date for the beginning of the next phase of the depopulation agenda. If this is allowed to happen, by the next Fourth of July there won’t be any America to celebrate. If the NWO get their way there will be nothing left but Satanists, their mind controlled slaves and many dead bodies. This is the future you are creating if you continue to do nothing or if you cooperate with the NWO. If you are one of the traitors who serve the Satanists because you think it’s the only way to save your family, think again. Your children and grandchildren won’t thank you for a future in which they have brain implants which reinforce their trauma-based mind control. This isn’t transhumanism, it’s the creation of subhuman slaves by sadistic sociopaths. This would be a life of torture without end.

I don’t know anything about how the brain implants can be removed, but I do know of a technique for deprogramming trauma-based mind control. It was developed decades ago by scientists with insider knowledge. It has been used successfully to treat the victims of MK Ultra mind control, Monarch style mind control and the victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse. I am a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse. I am a Christian and I feel it’s my duty to share information that might help others. I call this deprogramming technique Fabian Therapy. A link to my article on this can be found below.
Fabian Therapy for Mind Control
I have been told that prior to the NWO Holocaust against all free people there will be an economic collapse. Greed has always been a driving factor in recruiting people into Luciferian secret societies. Plutocracy is their present base of power. I’ve done a video on youtube which talks about how the Illuminati get their wealth the link to this is below.
Illuminati evil wealth secrets

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