Global Warming & Dialectic Propaganda

A DIALECTIC is the process of debate in which logical conclusions can be arrived at by two arguing parties. First there is a thesis, then an antithesis which opposes it. Finally a synthesis takes place as a result of the debate. This type of process is essential to democracy. However, the GLOBAL PLUTOCRACY who now control the media are creating an artificial dialectic. This is because they control both sides of the debate. Global Warming is a perfect example of this type of propaganda. A debate is created between two opposing viewpoints, but there are other unspoken assumptions which both sides of the debate never contest. So you have the illusion of a debate, but the public is tricked into accepting the unspoken assumptions without thinking about them. In Global Warming there is the ongoing debate about whether or not it is REALLY HAPPENING. Scientists are brought in on both sides of the debate, and endless discussions take place with both sides of the debate making passionate speeches. But it is the unspoken premises which are the real propaganda. These unspoken premises are that the solution to Global Warming is a depopulation agenda, Chem Trails and Cap & Trade. When Al Gore introduced the thesis of Global Warming, he stated that the solution to Global Warming was Cap & Trade. This Cap & Trade gives greater power to the government, it increases taxes and takes away the rights of the people. Cap & Trade is a totally draconian solution to Global Warming, but it isn’t discussed very often in the mass media. The truth is that a dialectic concerning Global Warming was created not to stop pollution but to allow it to go on. There was a less complex way to argue in favor of a decrease in dependence on coal and oil. Pollution from coal and oil is known to harm human health, kill people and destroy the environment. No scientists argue that about whether or not this type of pollution is bad; and before the Global Warming debate, public opinion was in favor of the regulation of corporations to decrease such pollution. But that isn’t what Cap & Trade is about. The corporations are the government and they don’t want to be regulated by the people, they want to be in control over the people. So a false dialectic was created. By controlling the dialectic in the media, Global Warming debates distract the public while creating the illusion of debate. The Globalist Plutocrats decide what actions they wish to impose upon the public and then create an false issue in the mind of the public. They define the problem in a calculating way and then pretend to come up with a solution to that problem. Their solution is always something which increases taxes on the middle class while taking away our rights. This tactic of propaganda is used time and time again. But many people fall for this phony dialectic because it looks and feels like a real debate.

The Illuminati derives their power from money and is driven by greed. I’ve created a Youtube video which speaks to these issues, it starts out as a parody of new age wealth seminars but ultimately reveals insider information. It’s called Illuminati Evil Wealth Secrets and the link to it is below.

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