A Brief History of Luciferianism

Luciferianism began about six thousand years ago during the Year of Light, Anno Lucis. It was at that time that the light from a distant supernova could be seen in the sky both day and night. At that time in the world there were remote enclaves of priests who believed in an antediluvian form of astrotheology. From their historical knowledge, they knew that such sights had been seen before in the sky in the distant past, thus they were unafraid. But the barbarians surrounding them were frightened. So the priests created the first Noble Lie. This is a myth told to ignorant people as a way of manipulating them into doing the right thing. The Noble Lie told during this Year of Light was that the new bright star in the sky was proof of the divinity of the priest’s warlord. So the barbarians bowed down in fear and worshipped their new god king. This control over the minds of the people with religious myth began the age of Lucifer, who is the light bearer. With the ability to use myths as lies to control the minds of the people, Luciferian religion was able to organize society to create agricultural city states. So this use of lies at first seemed noble. But it also could be used to oppress the people and destroy their freedoms. Therefore this knowledge could be used for good or evil. So Luciferianism was originally the craft used the ruling elite to create agricultural civilization–it was the Knowledge of Good and Evil that destroyed the primal Garden of Eden. The Luciferian high priests and rulers would be subjected to shamanic rituals and taught secret knowledge which would be kept from the peasants. Civilization evolved a class system. There were the nobility, the priests, the warriors, the skilled craftsmen and the peasants. The more kindhearted rulers saw their subjects as children to be guided, the crueler rulers saw their people as cattle. By the time of ancient Egypt the world had become more cosmopolitan. The trade between kingdoms and city states began to make it obvious to better educated persons that the ruling class were a bunch of noble liars. So secret societies formed in ancient Egypt. These would spread to ancient Greece as the Mystery Schools. Anyone born into nobility had to attend a Mystery School in order to inherit power. The ordinary persons knew these Schools existed, but knew nothing of what went on in them. In the Mystery School, the students would be subjected to brainwashing and indoctrination. By the time an aristocrat graduated, he would only feel empathy for his fellow cult members and he would know things about the world that the average peasant would not. Mathematics and the craft of politics would be taught in these places. The Roman Empire with its cruelty and decadence arose from the rulers trained in such places. Christianity was the first successful rebellion against Luciferianism. The Byzantine Empire arose from the conversion of Rome to Christianity. This new Christian Empire was much more ethical and less cruel than the old pagan Roman Empire. The Mystery Schools were banned, but they did not disappear, they went underground. Eventually secret Luciferian cults would take over the Hierarchy of the Christian Church and the various kingdoms of Europe. During the Dark Ages, the Church became cruel and oppressive. There were witch hunts and Inquisitions which tortured and killed the innocent. Medieval Europe was filled with secret societies. These secret societies varied greatly in nature. Some were merely heretical Christians who wanted to interpret the Bible without the Church leaders telling them what to believe. Some secret societies tried to preserve Pre-Christian paganism. Some tried to preserve the wisdom of ancient Greece and Egypt. Some evolved into hardcore Satanists. The teachings of Christ could never be completely suppressed. Eventually a time of Enlightenment came. The Freemasons tried to bring some of the wisdom of the secret societies to ordinary men. In 1776 Adam Weishaupt created the Illuminati Doctrine. It was a plan for world takeover through Luciferian cults among the aristocrats. He was not himself successful at being the leader of this movement, but his ideas were adopted by the wealthy Rothschild Family. George Washington and other American leaders knew of the Illuminati Doctrine and feared that it would be used to take over Freemasonry and democracy. Unfortunately, in time this is what happened. The 911 Terror Attack of 2001 was not done by Islamic terrorists, it was done by Satanists. It has been used as an excuse to destroy the American economy and take away the rights of the people. Using the Illuminati doctrine, Luciferian cults have systematically taken over much of the world while remaining invisible to the general public. They planned to have complete control over the world by the year 2025. Once they became all powerful, they intended to force all the survivors of WWIII to convert to Satanism. However in the year 2014 something happened. Christians all around the United States began to awaken to the truth of Luciferianism. In some cases people had dreams in which they saw Christ with an army of angels appearing on the clouds of glory. The Illuminati’s cloak of invisibility was suddenly torn asunder. Lead by American patriots and Christians, the corruptive system of the secret Illuminati was exposed and destroyed. And thus a New Era of humanity began in which people lived free from the falsehood and cruelty of Luciferianism.


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