The Nazi Youth Party, the CIA’s Paperclip and Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children in the US


Since ancient times the Luciferian Aristocrats have controlled the masses by creating mythological stories. If you buy into this type of fictional story–you basically become a character in an Illuminati fairy tale. This acceptance of their lie as if it were truth is actually a form of brainwashing because it causes the victim to disassociate from reality. Believing Illuminati propaganda is a form of mental illness, and most Americans are disassociated from reality in this way. Telling the truth is an attempt to heal the mental illness of others. I’m not a journalist so much as I am a deprogrammer. IN REALITY the Illuminati does exist and is behind all that is wrong with this world. People who cannot accept reality are mentally ill. Such persons are harmful to themselves and others. It is a moral responsibility of all human beings to know the truth of the Illuminati and to tell that truth to others. Skull and Bones is a branch of the Illuminati. The CIA is controlled by Skull and Bones. The mythological story that is told to the public is that the CIA is protecting the American people. The truth is that after WWII the CIA brought Nazi war criminals into the USA and made them into citizens. They were given new IDs and worked for the Illuminati in various functions. Some worked for NASA. Modern psychiatry is a creation of Nazi war criminals brought into the USA under Project Paperclip. Some Paperclip Nazis turned obstetrics into a form of torture for women and children. One woman brought over in Project Paperclip was personally known to me. I knew her as Shotzy. She was a short woman with German accent. She wore her long black hair in a bun on top of her head. She had met an Illuminati member relative in New York City where she was studying Theosophy. Later she decided that she preferred the hard core Satanism of Crowley. She had been involved in the Nazi Youth Program in Germany before and during WWII. She knew of every way to torture a child which did not leave scars, and at one time or another she used them all on me and other American children. It’s ironic that when my father fought in Europe during WWII he probably didn’t think that the same Nazis that he was fighting would be brought over to the USA after the war and put into positions of power. I was able to get away from Shotzy, and persons in a resistance movement against the Illuminati were able to help me. I was healed emotionally and mentally by something I call FABIAN THERAPY. There is a LINK to an article which explains this below.
Fabian Therapy for Mind Control

Recently I did a television interview on the People’s Voice show Birth of a New Earth, the link to which is below.

One mythological story that virtually everyone has been brainwashed into believing is that human beings don’t have psychic ability when in fact everyone does. You’ve just been brainwashed into thinking that you don’t have psychic powers. If you’d like to develop your latent psychic abilities, there is a LINK BELOW for a FREE PSYCHIC TECH HANDBOOK.