Rockefeller attaches cybersecurity bill to National Defense Authorization Act

Call your senator and tell them to vote ‘no’ on the cyber-security amendment attached to the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Bill. You can copy and paste the information below into your senator’s emails!  They must know that we are aware of what they are up to, and that we will expose them! Senator main number is 202 224 3121 and their email can be found here:

Jay Rockefeller (D WVA) has attached a cyber-security amendment (attached below) to the NDAA 2014 bill in Congress to mandate that precautions be taken to protect America’s cyber infrastructure and private entities. Those of us who represent private entities, will soon find our free access to the internet eliminated. The fact that this internet control bill is attached to the NDAA is no accident because this means that anyone who they deem as a dissident for posting anti-government rhetoric on the internet can be snatched off the street and held indefinitely, without due process, for their “terrorist” views. There is a second and equally disturbing development in that the government has declared that the people of this country do not have the right to challenge the government on its unconstitutional actions. This is a position which fully exposes the fact that America is no longer a democratic republic, but rather a dictatorship which serves the elite. At issue is the ACLU’s right to sue the National Security Association [sic] (NSA) for the unconstitutional  and unwarranted intrusions into the private lives of all Americans by spying on their communications and their web-surfing habits. This position, taken by the government, validates that we have no rights and are living under a dictatorship. …

It’s remarkable to me that they haven’t staged a false flag cyberattack on some key government installation.  How would we know if it was real or not??  On the other hand, the stuksnet worm could be introduced into some kind of industrial control computer like an electric utility that would have an obvious impact, but we know who wrote that worm.  A false flag attack on the computers at some stock exchange would be another possibility, and the consequences could be dramatic.  This is the kind of possibility you have to acknowledge in the current political environment.

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